School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports

The SWPBS approach at Broadford was developed in 2018. It is a whole school approach designed to promote and maintain a safe and orderly learning environment for all students and staff. It focuses on everyone and all settings within the school and promotes a positive focus on academic and behavioural outcomes across the school. It clearly defines our core expected behaviours, which are:

Our Four Rs


We show respect when we listen, ask for help and treat others in a positive way in our school community.


We are responsible when we show care and safety to ourselves, others and property.


We show readiness when we are motivated and willing to learn.


We show resilience when we accept challenges and make positive changes.

The goal of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) at Broadford Primary School is to create and maintain a positive and safe learning environment that enhances our school culture where we maximise individual academic and social growth.

SWPBS Purpose Statement:

At Broadford Primary School, we create positive learning environments to allow all students to develop respect, responsibility, resilience and a readiness to learn. This encourages us to believe in ourselves and contribute positively to our community.

Broadford Primary School is committed to the implementation of a whole school approach to positive behaviour support for engagement and learning. Our approach aligns academic and behavioural systems to create an emphasis on explicitly teaching, monitoring, and rewarding appropriate behaviour

Through our Behaviour Matrix, students have a strong understanding of what each of our values look like in operation – whether they are learning in the classroom, socialising in the yard, or at assembly. An important element of the SWPBS framework is the acknowledgement of good decision-making by students which reflects our schools values. A rewards program, with a Matrix Card system, provides teachers with the opportunity to do this.