Camps Incursion/Excursions


Camps/Grade 2 Sleepover

All children are offered camps in grade 3-6 and a school sleepover in grade 2.

The sleepover and camps are incorporated into the curriculum and are an important part of your children’s education and social development.

Information about the grade 2 sleepover and your child’s camp will be sent home as soon as it’s available.


Our school has an extensive excursion and incursion (in-school visits) program. These visits are a feature of our teaching programs and therefore all students are expected to attend. If the excursion involves travel or cost, a permission form will be sent home to be signed.

For local walking excursions, parents/carers will be asked to sign an annual blanket approval form. Any student without a signed excursion permission slip and payment will be unable to attend.

Please refer to our camps & excursions policy for further information.