BPS Student Leaders

Hello.  Our names are Chloe, Bailey, Mitchell and Ava.  We are the captains of Broadford Primary School in 2020 and we would like to welcome you.

BPS is an excellent school for students to attend. It is inclusive and welcoming to all students. The staff and teachers are kind and caring whilst students are energetic and creative. BPS provides an excellent education for students, as well as possible friends for life.

Our school has 4 expectations; Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Readiness (to learn).  Students learn what these words mean and the importance of them. It is expected that every student follows these expectations in and outside the classroom.

Here at BPS we have multiple subjects for student including reading, writing, maths, inquiry and SEL/ social emotional learning, as well as those we have incredible specialist classes of visual arts, performing arts and physical education.

Throughout the year our school provides the opportunity for students to take part in different camps, excursions, incursions, athletics, swimming, production, grade 2 sleepover, buddies and other fun activities to enjoy.  These extras are included in school so students can develop better social skills, become more confident and gain trust in one another.

At BPS we believe that every student has the ability to exceed expectations and continuously take an extra step in their learning. The students here are kind young souls who strive to be their best, and they’re taught to be independent, creative and honest. Every student here works hard to engage in learning so they understand their task. The teachers here work day and night to provide the best education for all students. They push students to be their best and believe that they can succeed. Teachers provide only the right advice for students so they can make remarkable discoveries and take giant steps throughout their schooling years.

At BPS, we believe in ourselves!