Broadford Primary School’s Language Other Than English (LOTE) is Auslan. Auslan is short for Australian Sign Language and is a language developed by and for Australians who are deaf or hearing impaired. It is a visual form of communication in which signs are combined with facial expressions to show the different emotions and meaning of words.

Each class has one 30 minute session per week dedicated to learning Auslan and it is also incorporated into other lessons and everyday routines.  For example, when learning the alphabet children also learn to sign the Auslan alphabet. When counting we use Auslan number signs as we count along. Greetings such as good morning and good afternoon are signed as well as spoken. We use Auslan signs when singing the national anthem at assembly. Children learn how to sign their names and have simple conversations in Auslan. They are exposed to stories and learn to sing songs using sign. We incorporate signs related to our inquiry topics such as signs for emotions, animals and family members.

Children enjoy using their Auslan skills as a form of communication.