Every day counts in a child’s education. Attendance every day is compulsory for all students up to the age of 15 years. Regular attendance at school helps social adjustments as well as academic development.

A roll is taken at the start of the day and after lunch time so that we know at all times where students are.

Please inform the school if your child is going to be absent. Students leaving school at any other time than the normal dismissal time must be accompanied by an adult. Parents/carers wishing to collect their children early from school should report to the general office and sign students out.

When your child is absence from school, it is your responsibility to contact the school on the same day of the absence or in advance if known. You can record your children’s absent by calling the office, emailing the school/teacher or using Compass.

Please refer to our school attendance policy for further information.

Arrival and Dismissal of students

Our first bell is at 8.55am and the last bell is 3.20pm. Supervision of students in the yard commences at 8.40am each day and ends 10 minutes after the final school bell. Please be aware that early arrival at school or staying after school is not supervised and is discouraged. Student safety is paramount.

Late Arrivals

Children arriving to school after 8.55am must report to the office to obtain a late pass which they will then give to their teacher. Parents should accompany their child to the office to sign the student in. Otherwise late students will be marked unapproved.

Notification of absences

Where a student is absent, an explanation must be provided to the school. This can be a written note signed by the parent/guardian and given to the general office or classroom teacher. Explanations can also be provided online through Compass, emailing the school or calling the school office. If your child reaches five days of unapproved or unexplained absence over a 12 month period, the school will work with parent/carers to improve the child’s attendance.