Our canteen is ran by the school and provides menu items to our students that meet the “Go for your life” healthy eating program.

The canteen operates on, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s for lunch order purchases. Snacks and Beveridge items are available during our recess and lunch breaks, with the option to purchase snacks by themselves through a lunch order, or to accompany an order.
No icy poles, slushies or ice-cream to be ordered in lunch orders.
Students can place an order by writing on a, Brown paper bag or envelope. Please clearly label orders with the Childs name, room number and correct money where possible and placed in the classroom lunch tub.
Orders are prepared and ready by the lunchtime break, so please ensure your child still has a snack and a drink for recess break.

Canteen Menu Term 3 2021

Everyday items Sandwiches or wraps

Fresh or Toasted

All sandwiches are made on wholemeal bread

Vegemite, Cheese or Jam $2.00
Ham, Cheese ,Tomato $3.50
Ham and Cheese $3.00
Chicken, Cheese, Lettuce, Mayo $4.50
Chicken and Cheese $3.50
Salad $3.50
Chicken and Salad $4.50
Ham and Salad $4.50
Tuna and Salad $4.50
Chicken Strip wrap( lett,tom,light cheese) $5.00
Extra toppings ,Beetroot, Carrot, Mayo, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, onion. 50c

Salad Packs

Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Cucumber, Beetroot, Cheese, Onion $3.50
Egg and Salad $4.00
Chicken or Ham with Salad $4.50

(GF) = Gluten Free | (HM)= Homemade

Healthy Choice

Select Carefully

Sometimes Food

Please write students name, room number and order clearly on a piece of paper or envelope and enclose the correct money. Place order into students room crates.

Hot Food

Fried Rice(HM) $5.00
Baked Potato Wedges (HM, GF) $4.00
Roast Chicken and Gravy Roll (HM) $4.00

Baked Potato, Choose toppings (HM):

Coleslaw, Cheese, Ham,

Beef Burger (Lett,Tom,Cheese,sauce) (HM) $5.50
Chicken Burger (Lett,Cheese,Tom (HM) $5.50
Steamed Dim Sim ( optional Soy Sauce) $1.00
Hotdog (cheese 50c extra) $3.50
Party Pie $1.00

Oven Baked Fish and Chips

Oven Baked Chicken Nuggets (4), Chips

Macaroni and Cheese (HM)

Spaghetti Bolognaise (HM)





Drinks Available

Plain Milk$1.00
Harvey Fresh 99% Juice( Apple, Orange)$2.00
Oak Milk ( Choc, Straw)$2.50
CHILL J Sparkling Juice – Grape, Cola, Lemonade or Raspberry 
(replaces Quench)

Snacks Available

Popcorn (HM, GF) 50c
Piece of Fruit 50c
Jelly Cup (GF) 50c
Veggie sticks and Dip $2.00
Seasonal Fruit Cup $1.00
Fruit and Low Fat Yoghurt Cup (HM) $2.00
Fruit Muffin (HM) $1.00
Choc Chip Cookie (HM) $1.00
Mamee Noodle Snack $1.00
Milky Freeze Icypole (HM) $1.00
Quelch Icypole $1.00
Prahana Vege Crackers (GF) $1.00