Starting school for the first time or transferring from another school, is a time of excitement for all involved. At Broadford Primary School we endeavour to ensure that transitioning into a new environment is a smooth and enjoyable process.

To enrol your child in primary school you will need to fill out an enrolment form and provide the school with important information about your child, including:

  • evidence of your child’s date of birth – a  copy of  birth certificate (if born overseas, you may also provide a copy of the passport)
  • your contact, phone and address details, and that of any other parent, guardian and/or carer
  • names and contact details of emergency contacts
  • medical details/conditions relating to the student, including doctor’s and dentist’s names and phone numbers (such as Asthma, Anaphylaxis and Allergy Action Plans)
  • immunisation Status Certificate
  • health and welfare information
  • information about the language/s your child speaks and hears at home
  • previous school and year (if applicable)

To be eligible for school enrolment, children must turn 5 by the 30th April

*Please note: Originals of documents must be sighted and copied at the school office

General Enrolment Information

Our school zone is available on findmyschool.vic.gov.au   which hosts the most up-to-date information on school zones in Victoria.

Students residing within our school zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined based on your permanent residential address.

Our school manages enrolments using the Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and may enrol at another school, if there are available places.

To enrol your child either download an enrolment form from our website or visit our school office to obtain a hard copy.

School tours are conducted on Tuesdays at 10am. If you can not make it to one of our Tuesday tours please speak to our office staff who will be happy to arrange an alternative time with you.

Download Enrolment Form

Download Broadford Primary School Information Book