Broadford Primary Intervention Social Space (BLISS)

Broadford Primary Intervention Social Space (BLISS) aims to create a safe, secure and supportive environment for recess and lunch time, emphasising our school expectations of:  RESPONSIBILTY, RESPECT, RESILIENCE, and READINESS


The purpose of the BLISS is to support students who are considered to require social/emotional support during periods of non-structured time in the school day. 

This space can also be utilised for students who require additional support with self-regulation. Some students benefit from sensory input to support them to function better and to be ready for learning. 

The long-term goal is that students should develop the tools to re-integrate back into the main school yard. BLISS offers these students an informal setting while discreetly working of developing students’ ability to show resilience in the school yard. This is achieved through providing students the opportunity to participate in board games, role plays, arts/crafts, outside wide games etc. Topics covered while in BLISS include 

• Taking turns

• Managing emotions

• Resolving conflict

• Dealing with disappointment

• Positive role models

• Identifying self-worth

• Building self-esteem

• In our yard